Geschichte Höllinger

The Höllinger story

“For our kids, just the best quality is good enough.“

Gerhard Hoellinger neu 1945 Gerhard Höllinger

Since 1998, the philosophy of Höllinger and the uncompromising quality of our organic products is characterized by this motto. To us, the authentic naturalness of our products and their regional origin are not just a current trend, but are rooted in decades of tradition!

Before I started Höllinger, I had an exciting and varied job as a product manager in a large Austrian dairy group. Yet big companies are not necessarily the ideal environment to realize personal ideas. So when my management career came to an end, I saw it as a chance to start all over again as an entrepreneur – a career move I had been dreaming of for a very long time already.

Every successful business starts with a good idea. This idea came to me in 1997, when directly pressed fresh fruit juices („NFC“ – Not From Concentrate) became available for the very first time in the cooling shelves of Austrian supermarkets. However, a particularly important and very typical Austrian product was not among them: apple juice! So I developed the first organic, naturally cloudy NFC apple juice for Austrian food retailers. And moreover, this juice was sourced exclusively from regional Styrian apples!

In these early pioneer days of Höllinger, my office was the living room of our small apartment. And in order to save costs, we stored our products on our balcony. But good ideas have the tendency to grow and to reach a steadily increasing number of people. So from humble beginnings, our company turned into a successful business over the years, with a constantly growing product range. Today, we are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality organic products, which are known far beyond Austria's borders: organic premium fruit juices, organic soft drinks and organic syrups by Höllinger are successfully exported all over the world!

My three personal key values: simplicity, naturalness, mobility.

In the course of almost two decades, our company and our product range have grown considerably and sustainably. Still, the three fundamental values on which I built Höllinger from the outset have constantly remained the same: simplicity, naturalness, mobility.

You will find these basic values in each and every element of our philosophy: in simple yet delicious recipes, in additive-free preparations and in the use of natural and unprocessed raw materials wherever possible. However, these principles also define our product range, which combines tradition with contemporary flexibility: we respond quickly and gladly to current tastes, nutritional trends and our customers' needs. Yet we never lose our aim, which we have clearly defined right from the outset many years ago: to bring the full flavor of nature directly into your glass – just as delicious as straight from the tree!

Yours sincerely,
Gerhard Höllinger

Good ideas need people that make them even better. This is why Gerhard Höllinger is supported by his experienced and ambitious team:

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Österreichisches Staatswappen

We are a state-certified company!


The Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location has awarded us the federal coat of arms. The award is a seal of quality of the Republic of Austria and at the same time an appreciation for the extraordinary performance and previous successes of Gerhard Höllinger and his team.

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