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PET 05 beach ACE Fruits
Dec 2022 | Press

Aloha-Feeling In Winter

New: Höllinger Organic Beach ACE-Fruits *Pressbaum – 20th of December 2022 Sugar is on everyone's lips, even more so when it comes...
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01 Hoellinger Sortiment in Katar c IMS Hoellinger GmbH
Nov 2022 | Press

Austria at the World Cup in Qatar:

Höllinger excited about the 46 percent jump in sales in the World Cup host country *Pressbaum – 7th of November 2022 The love...
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Bio Energy Dose
Oct 2022 | Press

Höllinger launches organic energy drink with ORIGINAL flavour

Is a saturated market ready for another energy drink? 40 partner countries say yes! *Pressbaum – 7th of October 2022: Höllinger is...
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Barkeeper's Selection
Jul 2022 | Press

Höllinger presents new non-alcoholic bar syrups for adults - Biofach Nuremburg

*Pressbaum 26.07.2022* This year, due to the Corona pandemic, the Biofach trade fair in Nuremburg was held in July for the first...
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barsirup mojito
Jun 2022 | Press

The Summer Drinks of 2022

Höllinger and MUSE Pop Up Bar at Vienna's Danube Canal presenting: Chill without alcohol! Pressbaum, 07th of June 2022 – The growing...
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May 2022 | Press

Fruit juice company Höllinger recognized with the Federal Coat of Arms

*Gerhard Höllinger, the managing director of the fruit juice company IMS Höllinger GmbH, and his team of eight employees awarded with the...
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barsirup pngs5
May 2022 | Press

Aperitivo, Mojito, Tonic: Mix your drinks 1:9 - alcohol-free!

*The growing demand for non-alcoholic beverages got the restaurants and retailers to pay attention. Until now, one has often failed to find...
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200ml BioOrange Prisma rgb
Feb 2022 | Press

New Organic Orange School Juice by Höllinger

*Höllinger juices are back in school. Gerhard Höllinger, founder and managing director of the Höllinger fruit juice company, is expanding his organic...
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MW Johannisbeerspritzer mild 500ml
Feb 2022 | Press

Reusable gastronomy range from Höllinger in a new design

*The reusable bottles are on everyone's lips – and Höllinger is no exception. The beverage company run by Gerhard Höllinger has renewed...
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nr. 1
Oct 2021 | Press

Local is the New Organic

*Fruit juice expert Höllinger is known and beloved for its Styrian Apple Juice. The beverage brand with its Managing Director Gerhard Höllinger...
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Bio shot oymel adaptiert
Sep 2021 | Press

Höllinger launches first ready-to-drink organic Oxymel

*About 2500 years ago it was used as an effective home remedy, in the recent months foodies around the world have rediscovered...
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Bio Schulsaefte Range
Sep 2021 | Press

Just in Time for School: 600 kilometers of single-use plastic saved

*The beverage expert Höllinger from Lower Austria sells around 5 million school juice packs every year. Just before school starts, the company...
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