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Bio Energy Dose
Oct 2022 | Press

Höllinger launches organic energy drink with ORIGINAL flavour

Is a saturated market ready for another energy drink?
40 partner countries say yes!

Pressbaum – 7th of October 2022: Höllinger is launching one of the most popular products within non-alcoholic beverages: an energy drink – naturally, the Austrian fruit juice company created the drink in organic quality. Is there room for another energy drink on the shelf? Yes – according to Höllinger's international customers. Höllinger has responded to partners demands and developed the first organic energy drink with ORIGINAL flavour. The caffeine in the Höllinger Organic Energy Drink is being extracted directly from organic coffee beans and will be available in the classic 250 ml can from November. 

Organic, vegan and original energy flavour

The selected recipe of purely organic ingredients is responsible for the original energy taste. For all of the customers on the look out for organic energy drinks, they can now get the energy boost with the intensity of a double organic espresso. The Höllinger Organic Energy Drink contains natural caffeine from organic coffee beans, is vegan and GMO-free. The new organic energy drink will be available in Austria from November – other countries to follow. "Can the market handle another energy drink? Yes, because our international customers have explicitly asked for it. Until now, the market has lacked an energy drink in organic quality that can compete in terms of taste and price. We are now changing this fact," says Gerhard Höllinger, explaining his new addition. Höllinger exports to around 40 countries worldwide, including Qatar, South Korea and Mauritius.

Höllinger expands into a new category

Höllinger has been a pioneer in the organic beverage sector for 24 years and is also a full-line supplier in this segment. This is already the third product that has been launched this year. "We are entering the energy drink category with the organic caffeinated boost called Höllinger Organic Energy Drink and want to offer a real alternative to the well-known original. Same taste experience, but purely organic," reveals founder and CEO Gerhard Höllinger. The price is comparable to the products of conventional brands, as organic farming does not use any artificial fertilizers or pesticides, which can be very expensive.

Trending energy drinks market: over 96 million liters sold per year

According to Nielsen, energy drinks in the Austrian food industry – even when leaving out the discount stores – achieved sales of 96 million liters in 2020, and the performance continuous to shine. Gerhard Höllinger comments: "Many studies and figures have shown that energy drinks have become an indispensable part of many people's everyday lives. When cooled, they offer a quick, uncomplicated pleasure that also provides a rapid energy boost. In order to live up to our company's core values, it was important for us to rely on a natural source of energy when developing the recipe. The natural caffeine comes from organic coffee beans, so we can deliver on our promise – simplicity, naturalness and mobility. Energy drinks are reaching a 19 percent share of sales within non-alcoholic beverages, making them one of the top categories. Very encouraging trend for the local fruit juice company.

The Höllinger Organic Energy Drink is currently available in the Höllinger online store. The RRP is € 1.49 per can/250ml.

Images, Copy free of charge © IMS Höllinger GmbH

Image 01: Höllinger Organic Energy Drink
Image 02: Gerhard Höllinger with Organic Energy Drink

Über Höllinger

Innovative und hoch qualitative Bio-Fruchtsäfte – dafür ist der österreichische Getränkehersteller Höllinger bekannt. Begonnen hat alles im Jahr 1997, als Gerhard Höllinger unter dem Leitsatz „Für unsere Kinder ist die beste Qualität gerade gut genug" den ersten direkt gepressten, naturtrüben Apfelsaft aus steirischen Äpfeln in den österreichischen Lebensmitteleinzelhandel brachte. Die damaligen Grundwerte – Einfachheit, Natürlichkeit & Beweglichkeit – stehen noch heute im Fokus: Einfache sowie köstliche Rezepturen ohne Zusatzstoffe und die Flexibilität auf aktuelle Geschmacks- und Ernährungstrends zu reagieren, verhalfen dem Unternehmen seit jeher zu seinem Erfolg. Heute exportiert Höllinger seine große Palette an hochwertigen Bio-Produkten wie Bio-Fruchtsäfte, Bio-Erfrischungsgetränke, Bio-Schulsäfte, Bio-Sirupe, Bio-Sportgetränke und Bio-Shots in mittlerweile 42 Länder weltweit. Den vollen Geschmack der Natur bringen sie direkt ins Glas – so köstlich wie frisch vom Baum! Nähere Infos finden Sie unter:


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  • Gerhard Hoellinger with Energy Drink c IMS Hoellinger GmbH
    Gerhard Hoellinger with Energy Drink c IMS Hoellinger GmbH
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Bio Energy Dose
Oct 2022 | Press

Höllinger launches organic energy drink with ORIGINAL flavour

Is a saturated market ready for another energy drink? 40 partner countries say yes! *Pressbaum – 7th of October 2022: Höllinger is...
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