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Gulfood 23 Energy Drink Vitrine
Mar 2023 | News

Höllinger presents new organic energy drink @Gulfood

Pressbaum 08.03.2023

Höllinger is launching one of the most popular products within non-alcoholic beverages: an energy drink – naturally, the Austrian fruit juice company created the drink in organic quality. Is there room for another energy drink on the shelf? Yes – according to Höllinger's international customers. Höllinger has responded to partners demands and developed the first organic energy drink with ORIGINAL flavour. The caffeine in the Höllinger Organic Energy Drink is being extracted directly from organic coffee beans.

Organic, vegan and original energy flavour

The selected recipe of purely organic ingredients is responsible for the original energy taste. For all of the customers on the look out for organic energy drinks, they can now get the energy boost with the intensity of a double organic espresso. The Höllinger Organic Energy Drink contains natural caffeine from organic coffee beans, is vegan and GMO-free. The new organic energy drink will be available in Austria from November – other countries to follow. "Can the market handle another energy drink? Yes, because our international customers have explicitly asked for it. Until now, the market has lacked an energy drink in organic quality that can compete in terms of taste and price. We are now changing this fact," says Gerhard Höllinger, explaining his new addition. Höllinger exports to around 40 countries worldwide, including Qatar, South Korea and Mauritius.

The Gulfood fair was well attended this year and the new energy drink was highly praised by the visitors. Our Head of Global Sales, Axel Fila, was on site in Dubai and was able to attract many interested parties to our booth with his social skills - the result: people were impressed by our organic products.The Höllinger brand is already known in many places in the United Arab Emirates and is growing steadily. We are proud to follow the BIO ideology and more new products are already waiting in the starting blocks. Gulfood 2023 was an absolute success after the long Corona break and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

  • Gulfood 2023
    Gulfood 2023
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