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Sep 2021 | Press

Austria’s Fruity Iced Tea without Caffeine

Pressbaum, 03.09.2021

Starting at the beginning of September, the Austrian beverage maker Höllinger has expanded their range of products by a one-of-a-kind iced tea, Höllinger Bio Ice Tea Wild Berries. Simultaneously, the experienced food maker has adapted its existing Höllinger Bio Ice Tea Peach. Both teas are made on the basis of fruit tea and score a clean 100% for taste without caffeine. Low sugar, without artificial flavours, colouring agents or preservatives, Höllinger Bio Ice Teas are the ideal thirst quencher. Starting now, both varieties are available in 0.5 litre rePET bottles.

All berries: Höllinger Bio Ice Tea Wild Berries

Right now, the Austrian beverage maker Höllinger is ensuring excitement on the shelves for iced teas: The new variety Höllinger Bio Ice Tea Wild Berries is conquering the retail food market. The new innovative product is rapidly gaining customers with its fruity-refreshing taste, without caffeine, artificial flavours, colouring agents or preservatives. Höllinger relies on its three basic values – simplicity, naturalness and mobility. The development was driven forward owing to the frequency of requests on the part of iced tea lovers to base iced teas not on black tea but on fruit tea. Höllinger is constantly responding to current trends in taste and nutrition, so absolutely everybody can enjoy the teas with the new recipe – including the kids! The new, vegan iced tea is available in 0.5 litre bottles that are 100% made of rePET, thus ensuring that the plastic bottles get used multiple times by way of recycling. The bottle features a new, clearer design that reflects the Höllinger range of iced teas.

Höllinger Ice Tea Peach – the popular classic fruit tea among ice teas

Along with the new innovative product, Höllinger has invested in its existing variety, Höllinger Bio Ice Tea Peach. With the relaunch, the recipe was adapted and also converted to a non-caffeine fruit tea base. While retaining its full peach taste, this classic fruit tea now contains less sugar and is available in environmentally friendly rePET 0.5 litre bottles. The 100% rePET bottle guarantees that recycled PET bottles will come from the collected bottles and that plastic bottles are used multiple times. In addition to the recipe, the design has been optimized as well. Höllinger Ice Tea Peach is showcased in a clearer look, reflecting its refreshing base and putting the fruit in the focus. At the same time, Höllinger Bio Ice Tea Peach is vegan and 100% without artificial flavours, colouring agents and preservatives.

About Höllinger

Innovative and high quality organic fruit juices are what Höllinger is known for. It all began in 1997, when Gerhard Höllinger introduced the first directly pressed, naturally cloudy apple juice made from Styrian apples to Austrian food retailers under the mission statement "For our children, the best quality is just good enough". The basic values of that time - simplicity, naturalness & flexibility - are still in focus today: simple as well as delicious recipes without additives and the flexibility to react to current taste and nutrition trends have ensured the company its successes. Today, Höllinger exports its wide range of high-quality organic products such as organic fruit juices, organic soft drinks, organic school juices, organic syrups, organic sports drinks and organic shots to 42 countries worldwide. They bring the full taste of nature directly to the glass - as delicious as fruit fresh from the tree!

Further information:

Mag. Karin Lehner

Himmelhoch GmbH Text, PR & Event

T: +43 676 774 54 11


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