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Apr 2021 | Press

Be ready for the sports season with Höllinger: The only natural organic sports drink with magnesium

Pressbaum, 27.04.2021

Gerhard Höllinger is not only the founder and managing director of the company Höllinger, he is also an enthusiastic cyclist. He knows from experience what the body needs to achieve high performance. Together with a specialist, he has developed the only organic sports drink made from directly pressed juice which contains natural magnesium from Austria's most magnesium-rich spring.

The warm weather is currently drawing both sports enthusiasts and nature lovers outdoors. An absolute necessity in any case: An isotonic drink that tastes good, prevents cramps, helps with fatigue and exhaustion, and supports the energy metabolism. There is a wide range of products on the market – but the one thing that hasn’t been available up to now is a natural and organic sports drink. Gerhard Höllinger saw the opportunity and together with a specialist, he developed a true sports drink innovation.

Not only isotonic, but also organic and natural

Höllinger is well known for its innovative and high-quality organic fruit juices. It was therefore a natural step to focus on the brand’s core values - simplicity, naturalness and mobility - when developing a sports drink. Gerhard Höllinger brought dietician and nutritionist Nina Kienreich on board. Together, they developed a unique recipe suitable for both amateur and endurance athletes. "I myself am an enthusiastic athlete and have always mixed together my own sports drinks for my cycling tours. During one of these tours, I had the idea of developing a product that meets both my exacting standards and those of other health-conscious athletes," explains Höllinger. The result? The first natural organic magnesium sports drink - available in black currant and apple flavours, naturally made from directly pressed fruits. No artificial colours, flavours or other substances are added.

Natural magnesium directly from the spring

The two sports drinks convince not only with their purely organic ingredients, but above all with their natural magnesium content. Höllinger explains: "Organic products may not contain artificially added magnesium. That is why we sought out the spring with the highest magnesium content and discovered it in a mountainous region in Lower Austria." The state-approved spring has the highest magnesium concentration in the entire German speaking region. The magnesium is therefore introduced to the organic product as a natural component of the spring water. It quenches thirst and compensates for fluid loss and missing minerals in the body. While the list of ingredients is already convincing, so is the bottle itself:

Bottle shape developed for bike bottle holder

As a cyclist, Gerhard Höllinger is focused not only on the content of the drink, but also its shape: it has to be practical and fit perfectly into the bike’s bottle holder. The 750 ml rePET bottle with a practical sports cap was designed directly for the bottle cage. The two organic sports drinks are not only ideal for cyclists, but for everyone whose sports activities strain calf and leg muscles. Health- and food conscious people also rely on Höllinger’s organic sports drinks to revitalise their bodies and to supply them with important natural minerals.

The two organic magnesium sports drinks are available at Eurospar, Interspar, Adeg and M-Preis. The recommended retail price is around € 2.00.

About Höllinger

Innovative and high quality organic fruit juices are what Höllinger is known for. It all began in 1998, when Gerhard Höllinger introduced the first directly pressed, naturally cloudy apple juice made from Styrian apples to Austrian food retailers under the mission statement "For our children, the best quality is just good enough". The basic values of that time - simplicity, naturalness & flexibility - are still in focus today: simple as well as delicious recipes without additives and the flexibility to react to current taste and nutrition trends have ensured the company its successes. Today, Höllinger exports its wide range of high-quality organic products such as organic fruit juices, organic soft drinks, organic school juices, organic syrups, organic sports drinks and organic shots to 42 countries worldwide. They bring the full taste of nature directly to the glass - as delicious as fruit fresh from the tree!

You can find more information at:

Further information

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