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Feb 2022 | Press

Reusable gastronomy range from Höllinger in a new design

Pressbaum, 15.02.2022

The reusable bottles are on everyone's lips – and Höllinger is no exception. The beverage company run by Gerhard Höllinger has renewed its gastronomy line: in addition to the reusable bottles, the thirst-quenchers also have a new, fresh design. In the centre of attention is the directly pressed Styrian Apple Juice in various fill quantities. A new addition to the range is an Organic Black Currant Sprizz created especially for the gastronomy industry. The relaunch is a direct response to the gastronomy needs and a logical next step within the company's sustainability approach.

Reusable packaging systems have proven to be the effective way to save natural resources and protect the environment. Glass bottles, produced with high energy input, have particularly beneficial characteristics: a great amount of energy is saved by returning, cleaning and refilling the glass containers. "Our returnable glass bottles have an extensive lifecycle and are reused up to 40 times before being remelted and returned to the circulation system," explains Gerhard Höllinger, owner of the juice company that also carries his name. He continuous, "We want to make it clear: reusing is crucial for us.” The local brand has been reusing returnable bottles for 15 years, it was now time to refresh the bottles, packaging and design. 

Relaunch of the gastronomy range

Höllinger and his team find that avoiding the waste reduction by refilling the bottles is not the only benefit of the reusable packaging system. By working with a regional supplier, the transport distance is kept short, making the sustainable circular economy even stronger. "In addition, our products in the returnable bottles are put directly on the guests table, which increases the brand and image awareness,” adds entrepreneur Gerhard Höllinger. The visual adaptation was very important: "The clear, minimal design reflects our corporate values - simplicity, naturalness and flexibility." The renewed Höllinger gastronomy range will be available from April on.

The Styrian Apple range and Organic Black Currant Sprizz – the stars of the relaunch

Höllinger is famous for its Styrian Apple Juice range – and it is precisely these products that are gaining the popularity among the restaurant business. In addition, the fruit juice company will be offering the Organic Black Currant Sprizz with a hint of sparkling mineral water as a perfect thirst-quencher.

The following fruit juices in the reusable bottles will be offered to the gastronomy sector: 

Höllinger Styrian Apple Juice naturally cloudy 1 l returnable container
Höllinger Apple Juice naturally cloudy 250 ml returnable container
Höllinger Styrian Apple Sprizz sparkling 0,5 l returnable container
Höllinger Styrian Apple Sprizz still 0,5 l returnable container
Höllinger Organic Black Currant Sprizz lightly sparkling 0,5 l returnable container (new!)

Furthermore, the transport packaging can also be reused; it is the Höllinger mission to work as sustainable as possible. With the relaunch of the Styrian range and the new addition of the Organic Black Currant Sprizz, Höllinger is ready for the next season with the growing sustainability trend in mind.

About Höllinger

Innovative and high quality organic fruit juices are what Höllinger is known for. It all began in 1997, when Gerhard Höllinger introduced the first directly pressed, naturally cloudy apple juice made from Styrian apples to Austrian food retailers under the mission statement "For our children, the best quality is just good enough". The basic values of that time - simplicity, naturalness & flexibility - are still in focus today: simple as well as delicious recipes without additives and the flexibility to react to current taste and nutrition trends have ensured the company its successes. Today, Höllinger exports its wide range of high-quality organic products such as organic fruit juices, organic soft drinks, organic school juices, organic syrups, organic sports drinks and organic shots to 42 countries worldwide. They bring the full taste of nature directly to the glass - as delicious as fruit fresh from the tree!

Further information:

Mag. Karin Lehner

Himmelhoch GmbH Text, PR & Event

T: +43 676 774 54 11


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