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Feb 2022 | Press

New Organic Orange School Juice by Höllinger

Pressbaum, 21.02.2022

Höllinger juices are back in school. Gerhard Höllinger, founder and managing director of the Höllinger fruit juice company, is expanding his organic school juice range in February. One of the most popular fruit juice flavours among kids will be added to the range – the Organic Orange in the practical 200 ml juice pack. Staying true to the company’s recipe without additives and with the traditional 60/40 rule, 60 percent of directly pressed juice and 40 percent of water, Höllinger's Organic Orange School Juice makes for a perfect refreshing drink. 

Gerhard Höllinger is famous for his Styrian apple juice – always on the lookout for the current taste and nutrition trends; he is constantly introducing new products beyond the apple juice range into the market. Newly, another organic school juice was added to the range. Health-conscious parents and their kids can now get their hands on the new Höllinger Organic Orange School Juice

Höllinger’s youngest first-grader

There is a reason that Organic Orange is the latest addition to the other 6 school juices in the range – why so, the founder and managing director Gerhard Höllinger explains: "There are two fruit juice flavours that are particularly popular in Austria. Claiming the unbeatable No. 1 spot is the apple juice – we are proud to cover the demand with the multiple products within the Styrian Apple Juice range. In second place comes orange juice – and we are now meeting the needs with an extension to the range, introducing the Organic Orange School Juice in February.” Höllinger’s school juice range already includes Organic Apple, Organic Apple Cherry, Organic Pear, Organic Multi Sunrise, Organic Red Grape and Styrian Vitamin Apple.

Simple recipe, no added sugar

Apart from different fruit flavors, the products in the school juice range have a lot in common. The recipe was developed together with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences and is based on the same, simple and delicious recipe: 60 percent of fresh juice and 40 percent of water. The practical refreshing drink Organic Orange School Juice does not contain any added sugar nor artificial flavours, dyes or preservatives. Processing is free of animal additives, which is why Gerhard Höllinger labels all of his school juices with the V-Label, registered symbol for labelling vegan products of the Vegan Society. Equipped with a certified paper straw, the Organic Orange School Juice fits into any lunch box and makes for the perfect refreshing drink option for the children.

Höllinger Organic Orange School Juice is currently available in the Höllinger online store at € 0.79 (MSRP) per juice pack / 200ml.

About Höllinger

Innovative and high quality organic fruit juices are what Höllinger is known for. It all began in 1997, when Gerhard Höllinger introduced the first directly pressed, naturally cloudy apple juice made from Styrian apples to Austrian food retailers under the mission statement "For our children, the best quality is just good enough". The basic values of that time - simplicity, naturalness & flexibility - are still in focus today: simple as well as delicious recipes without additives and the flexibility to react to current taste and nutrition trends have ensured the company its successes. Today, Höllinger exports its wide range of high-quality organic products such as organic fruit juices, organic soft drinks, organic school juices, organic syrups, organic sports drinks and organic shots to 42 countries worldwide. They bring the full taste of nature directly to the glass - as delicious as fruit fresh from the tree!

Further information:

Mag. Karin Lehner

Himmelhoch GmbH Text, PR & Event

T: +43 676 774 54 11


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