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May 2023 | Press

Höllinger school juice boxes ranked No. 1 among children's beverages

Pressbaum 08.05.2023

The renowned fruit drinks expert, Gerhard Höllinger, is honoured to receive the esteemed "Market Quality Award - Customer Excellence Industry Winner 2023". Höllinger's school juice boxes have emerged as the top choice among children's beverages in Austria, and were recognized for their innovative and indispensable contribution to the daily school snack box. The award was presented by Prof. Dr. Beutelmeyer, the Chairman of the Market Institut, in acknowledgement of the exceptional quality and customer excellence demonstrated by Höllinger.

In the previous year, the Market Institut carried out a comprehensive study in Austria, which obtained responses from 52,000 participants across a range of product categories. The study reveals the high level of satisfaction among customers towards their preferred brands. For the Höllinger fruit juice company, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the results are particularly gratifying.

An honourable distinction: the Gold goes to Höllinger

The company's school juice boxes emerged as the top choice among customers, earning it the coveted "Market Quality Award - Customer Excellence Industry Winner 2023". Gerhard Höllinger, the founder and managing director, along with his team of 10, expressed their delight at receiving this recognition. "Our customers have exhibited remarkable loyalty towards our brand, as the study has shown. In fact, the figures indicate that 50 percent of them would be deeply disappointed if our school juices were to become unavailable. This is an indication to our commitment to excellence, and we are motivated to continue our successful journey," said Gerhard Höllinger. The award was presented by Prof. Dr. Beutelmeyer, a board member of the Market Institut, at Höllinger's Headquarter in Pressbaum, where he could witness the company's exemplary team spirit first-hand.

Gerhard Hoellinger und Werner Beutelmayer Institutsvorstand und GF c IMS Hoellinger GmbH

Gerhard Hoellinger (CEO IMS Hoellinger GmbH) and Werner Beutelmayer (Board member and CEO MARKET Institut) © IMS Höllinger GmbH

Revolutionary innovation: a game-changer for the ages

In 2002, Gerhard Höllinger collaborated with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) to create the ideal recipe for a school juice mix with 60 percent of directly pressed juice and 40 percent of water. These school juice boxes, which are available in colourful, convenient packaging and come equipped with a paper straw, have become a popular thirst-quencher for children and an essential component of their snack boxes. The 60-to-40 principle has been a key factor in Höllinger's success. The company now sells approximately five million school juice packs annually, an indication to their popularity. While they initially started with organic apple school juice, customers can now choose from a diverse range of flavours, including Styrian vitamin apple, organic apple, organic apple-cherry, organic red grape, organic pear, organic multi sunrise and organic orange juice.


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