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Jun 2022 | Press

The Summer Drinks of 2022

Höllinger and MUSE Pop Up Bar at Vienna's Danube Canal presenting: Chill without alcohol!

Pressbaum, 07th of June 2022 – The growing demand for non-alcoholic beverages got the restaurants and retailers to pay attention. Until now, one has often failed to find any flavourful alcohol-free drink alternative on the drinks menu or in a supermarket. By launching three innovative bar syrups Aperitivo, Mojito and Tonic, Höllinger is responding to this emerging and mindful consumer trend. Full of flavour, completely alcohol-free. Together with the recently opened pop up bar MUSE at the Danube Canal in Vienna, Höllinger created six innovative mocktail and cocktail recipes.

Fancy an Aperol Spritz during your lunch break?

No problem! With the new bar syrups from Höllinger, you can enjoy the drinks consciously and alcohol-free - without missing the taste. "In 2022, a non-alcoholic alternative is a must on every drinks menu. The days of drinking just water while watching others enjoying refreshing cocktails are over.” comments CEO Gerhard Höllinger and continuous: "We have all been there: toasting with a lemonade and getting the discouragedlooks. It is about time that there is a proper alternative for adults, which makes social gatherings exciting for all of the guests. Sharing a toast should be fun, whether you drink alcohol or not." The finest Barkeeper's Selection is available to the restaurants and retail outlets in a high-quality 500ml glass bottle. The RRP is € 8.99 per bottle/500ml.

Mindful Drinking: sparkling taste alcohol free

Conscious nutrition and mindful alcohol consumption are no longer trends, but have become a part of our lifestyle. The Höllinger company, which is known for its innovative, organic products, is now launching an alcohol-free bar syrup range. The consumers can now create that holiday feeling at home by mixing the new Höllinger’s syrups on their own. Drinks need to be mixed at a ratio of one part syrup to eight parts soda water, garnished with a slice of orange (Aperitivo), lime (Mojito) or lemon (Tonic) and full of ice cubes. Nothing says 'vacation mode' like a perfect summer drink at a garden party, in the rooftop bar or at your own brunch at home.

Taste of summer in a glass: MUSE bar professionals create new summer drinks

The head bartenders Salem Msakni and Khairi Msakni at the newly opened trendy bar MUSE on the Danube Canal in Vienna created special summer drinks and made sure the varienty can be found in the glass and on the drinks menu. Whether with or without alcohol, sparkling, fruity, refreshing or bitter - there is something for every taste in the six creations. With the refreshing names, such as Aperitivo Primo, Tonic Caribbean or Mojito Virgin, Höllinger, together with the bartenders, brings the promised taste of summer in a glass, no matter where you are. Prepared in just a few steps, the drinks are suitable for amateur bartenders, but also perfect for any upscale restaurants.

The future: international export

Gerhard Höllinger and his team are exporting their organic product range to over 42 countries worldwide. High hopes and expectations are set for the new bar syrup range as well: "Alcohol-free is an upward trend across the globe, and we want to be a part of this movement. That is why we're working intensively with our partners to be able to offer the bar syrups in Dubai, the USA and Mauritius as well. The response so far has been great," adds Axel Fila, who is responsible for the worldwide exports within the company. The future is definitely exciting!

The new range at a glance:

  • Höllinger Organic Aperitivo Bar Syrup, 500 ml glass bottle
  • Höllinger Organic Tonic Bar Syrup, 500 ml glass bottle
  • Höllinger Organic Mojito Bar Syrup, 500 ml glass bottle

Images, Copy free of charge © Mila Zytka

Please download further images here:

About Höllinger

Innovative and high quality organic fruit juices are what Höllinger is known for. It all began in 1997, when Gerhard Höllinger introduced the first directly pressed, naturally cloudy apple juice made from Styrian apples to Austrian food retailers under the mission statement "For our children, the best quality is just good enough". The basic values of that time - simplicity, naturalness & flexibility - are still in focus today: simple as well as delicious recipes without additives and the flexibility to react to current taste and nutrition trends have ensured the company its successes. Today, Höllinger exports its wide range of high-quality organic products such as organic fruit juices, organic soft drinks, organic school juices, organic syrups, organic sports drinks and organic shots to 42 countries worldwide. They bring the full taste of nature directly to the glass - as delicious as fruit fresh from the tree!

You can find more information at:

Further information:

Mag. Lisa Rothen

Himmelhoch GmbH Text, PR & Event

T:  +43 650 203 74 11

  • 01 Höllinger introduces new bar syrups c_MilaZytka
    01 Höllinger introduces new bar syrups c_MilaZytka
  • 02 Höllinger and MUSE Bar create Summer Drinks 2022 c_MilaZytka
    02 Höllinger and MUSE Bar create Summer Drinks 2022 c_MilaZytka
  • 03 MUSE Bartender and CEO Gerhard Hoellinger c_MilaZytka
    03 MUSE Bartender and CEO Gerhard Hoellinger c_MilaZytka
  • 04 Aperitivo Primo c_MilaZytka
    04 Aperitivo Primo c_MilaZytka
  • 05 Tonic Primo c_MilaZytka
    05 Tonic Primo c_MilaZytka
  • 06 Mojito Spritz c_MilaZytka
    06 Mojito Spritz c_MilaZytka
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