PET 750ml Sport apple new
PET 750ml Sport blackcurrant new

The only natural organic sports drink
with magnesium!

"The perfect recipe for sports enthusists"

Those who exercise, exert themselves physically and sweat properly, not only lose a lot of water, but also many minerals such as salt and magnesium. So which thirst quencher is best suited for prolonged physical activity and endurance sports? An isotonic sports drink that quickly supplies the body with energy, water and the most important minerals. However, anyone who only wants to support oneself with natural organic ingredients and without artificial additives rarely had the chance to do so. From now on our isotonic organic sports drink fully meets all needs of both endurance and hobby athletes without missing the naturalness of the product. This unique recipe was developed in cooperation with the dietician and nutritionist Mag. Nina Kienreich, BSc.


Organic apple

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • directly pressed
  • free from artificial
    colourants, sweeteners, aroma and preservatives

Organic black currant

Magnesium from natural mountain spring

  • prevents cramps
  • effective against fatigue and exhaustion
  • supports the energy metabolism


  • provides short-time-energy


  • provides long-time-energy


  • essential for the electrolyte balance

Natural isotonic

  • enables the optimal liquid supply


Magnesium for endurance and regeneration

Magnesium strengthens muscle power during sports and supports the body's energy metabolism. Even after exercise, the body can regenerate faster with enough magnesium.

Sugar - a fast source of energy

The body needs energy during intensive exercise and in the regeneration phase. Carbohydrates in the form of sugar are converted into energy very quickly by the body and are therefore important for athletic performance.

Maltodextrin - provides long-term energy

Regardless of whether you are a cyclist or a hiker - sporty people need a continuous supply of energy for staying powerful - that is exactly what maltodextrin does. Compared to sugar, maltodextrin is absorbed more slowly by the body and therefore provides long-term energy for better endurance.

Salt - essential for the electrolyte balance

During sport, the body loses not only water but also sodium chloride. The body needs salt to maintain its water and electrolyte balance.

Natural isotonic - the optimal thirst quencher

Our recipe is the optimal thirst quencher for every athlete, since it is natural isotonic. The liquid can be absorbed faster by the body and at the same time the body is supplied with valuable nutrients, minerals and water, which are needed during sports. Our organic magnesium sport drink is a wholesome drink with only few sugar.

Organic Magnesium Sport Apple and Organic Magnesium Sport Black Currant are the ideal companions for all sports enthusiasts.

They should always be packed in your bag or in your bottle holder. So that you always feel well.

Magnesium from a natural mountain spring

Our organic magnesium sport drink contains valuable magnesium from pure, magnesium-containing water. Deep in the underground, the water is protected from pollution and environmental influences. We lay great emphasis on the highest purity and naturalness. The water is taken directly from the spring. Honest and genuine. The mineralized water contains magnesium by nature. This makes our organic sport drink with magnesium simply unique!

Magnesium against muscle and calf cramps

If there is a magnesium deficiency, the muscles cannot work properly and are prone to tension and cramps. Therefore, magnesium is important for muscle activity. An adequate supply of magnesium is essential to prevent leg cramps.

Magnesium for relaxation

People who are stressed have an increased need for magnesium. The mineral relaxes the nervous system and helps against irritability and nervousness, it is therefore called the "salt of relaxation".

Magnesium for a restful sleep

Magnesium helps the body to relax and has a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep. The mineral supports the body in processing stress and promotes a sleep-regulating effect.


Bottle shape specially developed for bike bottle holders

Flaschenhalterung Rad

Our sports bottle impresses with its unique bottle shape. It has been specially developed for all bike bottle holders and has a practical sports handle. The bottle with sports cap is resealable and therefore very suitable for endurance athletes.
In addition, our sports bottle is made from 100 % recycled material (rePET). From recycled bottles new rePET bottles are produced according to the “bottle to bottle” loop - a valuable contribution to avoid plastic waste.

For more information about rePET visit this link.


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