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Organic Magnesium Sport Black Currant
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+Organic Magnesium Sport Black Currant
xOrganic Magnesium Sport Black Currant

Our Organic Magnesium Sport Black Currant is the ideal sports drink for sports enthusiasts. The organic magnesium sport drink is natural isotonic due to its special recipe and optimally supplies the body with water, valuable minerals and energy. Magnesium supports the body during practicing endurance sports.

Our Organic Magnesium Sport Black Currant is the only organic sports drink with magnesium in Europe.
How is it possible to add magnesium to an organic product?
We use mineralized water from the magnesium richest mountain spring in Austria!

Our Organic Magnesium Sport is the ideal thirst quencher for hiking, climbing, trail running and ski touring.


water, black currant juice* directly pressed (12 %), maltodextrin*, sugar*, salt. *from organic farming.

+Nutrition facts
xNutrition facts

100 ml contain approximately:


136  kJ / 32 kcal


< 0,5 g

  thereof saturated fatty acids:

< 0,1 g


7,7 g

  thereof sugar

4,6 g


< 0,5 g


0,16 g

Magnesium:                                            13,3 mg

NRV*:                                                      3,5 %

*Nutrient Reference Value


750 ml = 1 Portion contain approximately:


1021 kJ / 240 kcal


< 0,5 g

  thereof saturated fatty acids

< 0,1 g


58 g

  thereof sugar

35 g


< 0,5 g


1,2 g

Magnesium:                                               99 mg

NRV*:                                                     26,5 %

*Nutrient Reference Value

+Organic Farming
xOrganic Farming

Ingredients from organic farming means: free of synthetic or chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. GMO free. Free of preservatives, colours and artificial flavours.

+Magnesium from natural mountain spring
xMagnesium from natural mountain spring

Our Organic Magnesium Sport Black Currant contains valuable magnesium from pure, magnesium-containing water. This makes our Organic Magnesium Sport Black Currant simply unique!


+100 % directly pressed
x100 % directly pressed

Our recipe contains high-quality organic black currant juice (NFC = never from concentrate), which is directly pressed from the fruits and therefore contains all natural components. The fruit juice already provides the body with energy and ensures a fruity taste experience.

+Natural isotonic
xNatural isotonic

Our recipe is the optimal thirst quencher for every athlete, since it is natural isotonic. The liquid can be absorbed faster by the body and at the same time the body is supplied with valuable nutrients, minerals and water, which are needed during sports.

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