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Less is more! Cocktail syrups for adults!

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Less is more!
With our new non-alcoholic cocktail syrups for adults we help you to live more healthier. Whether if you are in good company, going out with friends or at your own barbecue party, our barkeeper's selection is very trendy. For us, the responsible consumption of alcohol is major - less is more. What do we mean? Less alcohol in the glass - full of taste. Our non-alcoholic alternative makes it possible.

Perfect for soda maker
Mix only one part of syrup with eight parts of soda water and a handful of ice cubes to make your perfect summer drink. It doesn't always have to be alcohol, but if so, then our cocktail syrups are the perfect base for every cocktail, sparkling wine and much more. Become a barkeeper too and try it out. soda

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Aperitivo cocktail syrup

Mix your Drinks 1:9! Alcohol-free!

Our Aperitivo is the ideal syrup for everyone who loves the typical bitter orange taste, without any alcohol. The aperitivo convinces with its natural extracts from wormwood and gentian root. The natural quinine gives our aperitivo the typical bitter taste. Whether it's after work or a homely garden party, every moment is celebrated with the Aperitivo from Höllinger. Another quality of our aperitif is that it has an appetizing effect, so it can also be enjoyed before dinner.

Recipe Aperitivo Spritz:

1 organic orange
ice cubes
20 ml aperitivo syrup from Höllinger
100 ml non-alcoholic sparkling wine
mineral water 


First wash the orange in hot water and cut into slices. Put the ice cubes and a slice of orange in a glass. Then add the aperitivo syrup and the non-alcoholic sparkling wine and top up with a dash of mineral water. Stir well and the new summer drink is ready. Cheers!

Note: Quinine should not be taken by pregnant women or while breastfeeding.

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Mojito cocktail syrup

Mix your Drinks 1:9! Alcohol-free!

Summer, sun, beach and more. Get your holiday feeling straight to your home. With our Mojito drink you can easily mix your perfect long drink. Completely without alcohol, but also with alcohol, our mojito cocktail syrup tastes unique. Try our mojito syrup and experience the incomparable lime-mint taste.


20 ml mojito syrup from Höllinger

8 fresh mint leaves

1/2 lime sliced



Press the fresh mint leaves, lime slices and mojito syrup into the long drink glass. Add ice cubes and soda water and then stir well. Finally garnish with mint. It's so easy to bring that holiday feeling into your home.

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Tonic cocktail syrup

Mix your Drinks 1:9! Alcohol-free!

Our new tonic syrup is now available for tonic lovers. It tastes slightly bitter, contains a fine note of lemon and impresses with its quinine taste. Quinine is obtained from the bark of the cinchona tree. It was used as a medicine for malaria centuries ago. Today, the bitter taste is mainly used for the production of beverages. Mix your own tonic water with our new cocktail syrup.


1/2 grapefruit
1 sprig of rosemary
20 ml grapefruit juice
20 ml of tonic syrup
200 ml soda water
ice cubes 


First put the ice cubes in a glass. Slice the washed grapefruit, then quarter and add it to the glass. Further pour the tonic syrup, rosemary and grapefruit juice in it. Then add the soda water and stir well. The fruity, bitter pink mocktail is ready.

Note: Quinine should not be taken by pregnant women or while breastfeeding.

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