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100 % rePET:
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Our PET bottles are made of 100 % rePET!

We have intensively dealt with the topic sustainability and environmental protection. The theme of packaging is playing an important role. Especially because there is so much plastic waste in the world, zero waste concepts have an important meaning. We have orientated toward the zero-waste concept and have therefore moved all our PET bottles to rePET.

All our bottles are made of 100 % recycled PET. The recycling cycle is supported in this way, because a new rePET bottle is created from the collected, recycled PET material, according to the motto "from bottle to bottle". The cycle of PET is now closing. Therefore, rePET is the material of the future. With the help of research and development, it has been possible to produce high-quality granules that are food-grade and also meet the highest food standards.

Reasons for rePET:

  • Valuable contribution to waste prevention
  • Supporting sustainability
  • Environmental protection applied

The new rePET


Kreislauf engl

Together for a

greener future

lauf en

The rePET Initiative

We have joined the rePET initiative in Austria, which has itself set the goal of implementing the rePET theme in order to offer end consumers a more sustainable packaging alternative. This vision is lived and supported by commerce and industry.
We are proud to take an important step towards environmental protection and a “greener“ future.

More information about rePET you can find here:


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